Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Sufjan Album 'Age of Adz' Out This October

As if a 60 minute EP wasn't enough to quell the thirst for new Sufjan, the poet who knows it is set to release his second batch of new material on a full length this October. According to Asthmatic Kitty's release the album "shows an extensive use of electronics... and an obsession with cosmic fantasies." I know, what?

It sounds as if Sufjan might be heading back in the direction of his eclectic "Enjoy Your Rabbit," the album that first demonstrated Mr. Stevens obsessions with thematic elements and electronic music. The new album actually doesn't boast any common leitmotif besides the usual "of love, loss, and the apocalypse," and I am hoping hoping hoping it can help Sufjan break out of the mold his unique vocals casts.

As an aside, this might be the album that the National had hinted to having cameos on... makes it all a little more exciting.

Listen and buy the All Delighted People EP here.

Info on Sufjan's upcoming Fall Tour here.

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Glen said...

Pretty cool to see Impossible Soul & Too Much (Love!) on there... but no Majesty! pants